Current Situation in Sri Lanka

June 15, 2022

  1. UK relaxed travel advisory to Sri Lanka: - Travel advisory for Sri Lanka has been relaxed since 13.06 by the UK government. All UK travelers can visit Sri Lanka. For more details please click here
  2. Wearing mandatory face masks has been lifted: -  It is not mandatory to wear face masks indoors and outdoors during your travel/stay in Sri Lanka. (Applies for all locals & Tourists)  for more details please click here
  3. Newly appointed Tourism Minister: -  Mr. Harin Fernando has been appointed as the new Tourism & lands minister. He is known for being very proactive and therefore, we believe he will take the necessary steps to uplift tourism in the coming months. For more details please click here
  4. New Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority (SLTDA): Mr.Priantha Fernando has been appointed as the Chairman of the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka (SLTDA). He carries over 50 years of experience working in various capacities. For more details please click here
  5. What the Government has done so far for the fuel crisis: - Prime minister Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe has made a statement that current fuel will be provided for essential services until the end of June and a new fuel shipment will be scheduled to arrive in July which will be sufficient for the next 4 months. However, for all tours and transfers by Detroves Travels, we have made arrangements for sufficient fuel stock for all vehicles. So far clients traveling with us had not faced any major inconvenience due to fuel or power cuts.  For more details please click here
  6. Reduced power cuts: The power cuts in the country have been reduced to 2 hours per on weekdays & 1 hour on weekends (from a peak of 10 hours a day) This has been due to the procurement of the necessary fuel to run the power stations and due to significant rain, the hydropower contribution has increased to the national grid.
  7. Reduced and peaceful protests: Protests have reduced significantly due to the government meet some of the demands of the people (Example: Appointing a competent Prime Minister from another political party and the resignation of failed ministers) Furthermore, the violence due to unruly protests has also stopped.
  8. Is travel recommended to Sri Lanka? Yes. Considering the above information, we feel Sri Lanka is moving in the right direction to revive tourism. All main hotels, and restaurants. tourist sites, offices are open and Detroves travels have arranged sufficient fuel stock to run tours & transfers. Furthermore, reduced & peaceful protests have enabled clients to travel around Sri Lanka freely.